Mock U.N Climate Negotiation: A Reflection

Last week, I participated in a class-wide mock United Nations climate negotiation, where I represented the United States. Each student represented a country, interest group or city and we were divided into groups accordingly. Developing countries were split into two groups, and the developed countries were put together in a group as well. Cities andContinue reading “Mock U.N Climate Negotiation: A Reflection”

Sea Level Rise: A Daunting Challenge

Background: Since 1900, sea level height has risen consistently over time. In the past 100 years, the sea has risen an average of 5-8 inches (Ocean Portal Team.)  In addition to the change in trend, the rate of rise increased from around 1.7 millimeters/year in 1990 to around 3.2 millimeters/year by 2000 (Ocean Portal Team.)Continue reading “Sea Level Rise: A Daunting Challenge”

COP24 Energy Summary

Carbon Trading and Offset Schemes COP24 talks surrounding the energy demand problem seemed to be dismal. Rather than talking about the sources of energy demand and how to provide sustainable energy, most of the talks surrounding energy focused on the aspect of emissions, emissions reductions, and emission offsetting. While the two topics are closely linked,Continue reading “COP24 Energy Summary”

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