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Hi! My name is Domenica Borja and I am a senior at Emory University majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Political Science. My main interests is Environmental Policy, mainly Clean Energy Policy. I hope to attend law school in the future to focus on Environmental Law and work in Clean Energy Policy and Advocacy.

I originally got interested in Energy Policy after taking a variety of classes at the University of Sydney when I studied abroad there my Junior Year Fall Semester. It was really interesting to learn about a country who’s main energy source was coal, and the political and economic barriers to cleaning the energy grid. That really sparked my interest in policy in general.

This semester I am doing research in Dr. Saikawa’s lab regarding air pollution control policy in Japan. I am also taking her Climate Change and Society Class which focuses on the the way that the Conference of the Parties and the UNFCCC helps aid in bridging the disciplines of hard science, policy and country development. Ever since I studied abroad my junior year in Australia, I have been deeply interested about the interdisciplinary cross-roads between science and policy and I look forward to seeing how these two topics intersect in an important world stage.

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